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Braces for musicians

Riccarda has a special interest in helping wind and brass musicians to continue to play during their orthodontic treatment.

In conjunction with her husband, Professor John Harle of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and a network of world-class instrumentalists, Riccarda has a rare insiders view of the needs, sensitivities and aspirations of wind instrumentalists.

Orthodontic treatment with Riccarda Kane is not only for tooth alignment for cosmetic purposes. It can also gradually move your teeth to an optimum position for the breath flow to your reed or mouthpiece, helping to establish improvements in your tone production and range - a positive advantage in a competitive world.

Understanding the importance of the embouchure and with a range of appliances to chose from - Invisalign® for teens and adults, lingual “behind the teeth” braces, Riccarda can help develop the optimal embouchure (and beautiful smile) that musicians deserve.

Jess Gillam's (star saxophonist) story:

“Riccarda has real insight into the importance of a musician’s embouchure, and a specialist’s knowledge of how to overcome our particular dental issues.

Having straight teeth can even lead to improvements in tone production and stamina - Riccarda can improve your confidence as a player as well as your smile! I highly recommend her!”

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