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Orthodontic Treatments

We specialise in creating beautiful smiles using sophisticated contemporary materials and techniques, including Lingual/behind the teeth braces, cosmetic/white braces and Invisalign® - guided by some of the latest technology in orthodontic treatment such as Dental Monitoring (remote treatment progress monitoring) and virtual consultations.

We believe that only the highest standards of treatment are acceptable, and provide this for our private patients.


Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth without any visible metal wires or brackets. Aligners are removed for eating, drinking and brushing, so you can eat, and drink what you like and keep up all your good normal brushing and flossing routines.

It is a good treatment option for adults, teenagers and growing children - sometimes even before all the baby teeth have fallen out! 

Treatment consists of a series of clear aligners which are designed specifically for you after a 3D scan of your teeth. Each aligner in turn moves your teeth by a small amount and by changing the aligner every 1-2 weeks, your smile is gradually improved until the finished result is achieved. 

Invisalign Birchington Essex.jpeg

Remote Treatment Monitoring

We use an amazing new innovation called Dental Monitoring for you to easily self-scan your teeth. The regular scans taken when it suits you, at home or on holiday, are checked by Riccarda and you are then given accurate advice about when you are ready to move to the next aligner. This increases the efficiency (and speed) of your treatment and helps you to wear the aligners for enough hours every day - about 22 hours/day works best!


White braces 

Tooth coloured, aesthetic fixed braces are a discreet system for straightening your teeth. They are cemented to your teeth and the colour blends with the outside or labial surface of your teeth. Usually tooth coloured wires are used with these appliances so that the brace is hardly noticeable. This is important for many adults who are concerned about how a brace may affect their business or social life. 

White braces

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are virtually invisible from the outside when you speak and smile.

If you do not wish to compromise your confidence with the appearance of braces, then lingual appliances will meet your demands/needs as they are hidden on the inside of your teeth. 

Lingual braces can affect your speech and rub your tongue initially, but this will soon improve.  Lingual braces are the choice of celebrities such as Myleen Klaas and even the Duchess of Cambridge!

Lingual Braces Birchington Essex.jpg

Virtual consultations

We always offer free, virtual consultations if you are considering straightening your smile and would like to discuss your treatment options with Riccarda.

Simply click the button above, enter your personal details, snap a few photos of your teeth on your smartphone (we'll give you instructions!) and send off to us. We will come back to you to organise a video call and share a provisional treatment plan with you.  


Metal braces

Metal, silver or gold coloured braces are also a great affordable option for children, teenagers and adults who are happy to show their braces.


They are strong, effective and easy to use and have the advantage of not staining with brightly coloured food and drinks.We can add and change your colours at every visit to make it more fun too!

Smile Story:

"Riccarda has been so kind and gentle looking after our son. She explains everything clearly so everyone can understand what to expect and feel. The beautiful smile from our son when the braces came off was amazing and the transformation has been astounding. Thank you to the team."   - LB

My fantastic smile
Orthodontics changed my life
The best day of my life
I'm a photo bomber now
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